Official World Chess Electronic Pieces



This is the official World Chess Championship Pieces, electronic edition, powered by DGT Technology. The pieces work with any DGT-powered e-board and perfect for streaming and official events, as well as for casual play. 

The official FIDE chess set was first unveiled at the 2013 World Championship Match in Chennai, India. This isn't just any chess set. It's the very set that Magnus Carlsen used to dethrone Vishwanathan Anand, crowning him the 16th World Chess Champion. Designed with a nod to the harmonious proportions of classical Greek architecture, blended seamlessly with the iconic Staunton design, this chess set is a masterpiece of both tradition and modernity.


King Height: 93 mm / 3.7 inches
Materials: Boxwood
Extra queens

Fully compatible with all DGT electronic boards, including Smart Boards and the Revelation Chess Computer. The set also includes additional queens for gameplay flexibility.