Care Instruction

Keep the chessboard dry at all times, and avoid any form of exposure to water.

Water damages the board.

Keep the board away from extreme temperatures,humidity, an air conditioner,

and a fan.

Humidity makes your board expand and contract.

Keep the chessboard away from direct sunlight or harsh artificial light to avoid


If the chessboard gets scratched,clean the smudges with a little damp piece of


If the chessboard feels sticky, wipe with a piece of cloth.

Dust regularly using a dry, soft piece of fabric.

Use beeswax or 3M polish once a monthfor the shine of the board as the boards

have HV melamine lacquer coating on them.

Keep chess pieces away from humidity and heat.

It can cause cracking, discolouration, and warping of chess pieces.

Do not use 3M polish for chessmen.