World Chess Championship Set (Rosewood Edition)


The iconic World Chess Championship set approved by FIDE for the elite events and exclusively used in the World Chess Championship matches and cycle events. The pieces are paired with the official Rosewood Board and come as a set.

Designed by Pentagram’s Daniel Weil for World Chess, the set is one of the most iconic chess designs in the world. Inspired by the Staunton, the set has been designed with the help of Vladimir Kramnik and Magnus Carlsen. It was first introduced at the 2013 FIDE World Chess Candidates Tournament in London and since then has been exclusively used in the Championship cycle events.

Chess pieces are handmade from boxwood.

The set includes the official pieces and board.  

— FIDE Approved for Championship use
— Triple-weighted  
— 3.75" King  
— Extra Queens 

The set includes a veneer Rosewood and Maple Board.  The board size is 50*50 cm and square size is 5*5 cm.


Model: Vidit Gujrathi, GM, Winner of the Under-14 World Championship 2008