Chess on Earth


A dual-purpose story book and chess set for young children.

‘Chess on earth’ is all about teaching chess in a fun, approachable way. In order to impress on children the basics of the game, this book represents the pieces on a monumental scale. The pieces come to life as elements of the earth, such as waterfalls, rivers or mountains. Each character has its own personality which defines the way they move about the board. Day and night represent white and black pieces, and the movement of the pieces becomes the changes in the landscape.

Chess on Earth can be read as a traditional story book, or played using the board and pieces included.

Daniel Weil is a world renowned designer with an extensive career working on a broad range of projects. He has a life-long relationship with chess. Daniel has enjoyed the game since his childhood, when he used to carve chess pieces. He went on to design a chess set as a part of his book, ‘Light Box’ published by Architectural Association in 1985 while he was unit master. In 2013, he designed and art directed the World Chess Candidates Tournament, and his new World Chess set became the official set of the World Chess organisation – FIDE.

Daniel Weil’s works are the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.