World Chess Club Belrin T-Shirt: Orange Ampelmann

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First official t-shirt captures the essence of cerebral cool with its vibrant orange hue and eye-catching graphic that's bound to turn heads and spark conversations. The centerpiece is a bold, stylized depiction of a chess player, oozing with retro flair.

The main logo is on the back, and World Chess Club Berlin mark is on the front.

The design plays with shades of green and black to contrast against the orange background, creating a visual pop that's both vintage and modern. The player's focused demeanor is offset by a whimsical touch—a sprightly dog companion—that adds a unique twist to the classic game of intellect.

"World Chess Club Berlin" is emblazoned in a font that harks back to the days of old-school arcades, yet it's sleek enough to resonate with the contemporary urban fashion scene. This t-shirt isn't just a garment; it's a statement piece for those who wear their smarts on their sleeve and their love for chess as a badge of honor. Whether you're a grandmaster or a casual enthusiast, this t-shirt from the World Chess Club Berlin is a checkmate move for your wardrobe.

The t-shirt is custom produced for World Chess in Turkey. It’s slightly oversized and made out of bespoke cotton