DGT3000 FIDE Approved Chess Clock


The DGT3000 is a FIDE chess clock approved by the International Chess Federation FIDE. It is built in full accordance with the FIDE rules and regulations for chess clocks and with the Laws of Chess. It can be used for all 2-player games such as chess, go, draughts, shogi, Scrabble™ and many more.

Product features:

  • seconds are always shown from the start
  • much larger display with more information
  • 24 pre-programmed timing options
  • 5 manual settings for all timing options
  • timing method: bonus, delay and more

For tournaments and home use

The DGT3000 Limited Edition can connect to all electronic DGT e-Boards whether in tournament play or home use. In tournament play all clock times will then be registered using DGT LiveChess software. At home, when using a DGT e-Board to play against a chess computer or internet opponent, the clock displays the chess moves and clock times.