World Chess Set (Home Edition in Black and White)


The 2022 World Chess Championship Set (Home Edition in Black and White) is designed by Pentagram’s Daniel Weil. The iconic official Championship Set design remains intact but the size of the set is adapted for home and club use. King’s size is 3 inches, and the overall size of the set is 20% smaller than the Championship Set. Pieces for this set are handmade from boxwood by expert craftsmen. It’s perfect for use at home or in a club.

The color of the board is striking: deep dark shades complement the pieces. The set will be a conversation starter in your sitting room or office. It was manufactured from high-quality MDF and walnut veneer. The classic World Chess hexagon is silk-printed on both sides.

— King 3’00 (79 mm)

— Chessmen material: Boxwood 

— Walnut veneered MDF board

— Square size 4.5х4.5 cm, the board size is 45x45 cm with the borders 4.5 cm

— Extra queens

Designed by Pentagram’s Daniel Weil for World Chess, the set is one of the most iconic chess designs in the world. Inspired by the Staunton, the set has been designed with the help of Vladimir Kramnik and Magnus Carlsen and first introduced in 2013.This design is used exclusively in the World Chess Championship matches.