Leather board

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Exclusive Pentagram-designed leather fiberboard chess board. Crafted with precision in England, these boards introduce a splash of color to the traditional game, transforming chess accessories into stylish home decor pieces. Designed by the renowned Daniel Weil of Pentagram, this chess board is not only a nod to contemporary design but also an invitation to personalize your gaming experience. Choose from an array of finishes to find the board that perfectly complements your home's aesthetic and your personal style—a luxury seldom found in chess sets.

This FIDE-approved board promises not only style but also quality. Each board is meticulously handcrafted from leather fibers, ensuring durability and a unique texture that becomes more distinguished with use. The natural texture of the playing surface is designed to develop a rich patina over time, enhancing its beauty and feel.

Caring for your board is as simple as enjoying it. The color-sealed backing protects the board, while the natural playing surface is best maintained through regular play, embracing the essence of the game itself.


  • Board dimensions: 44 x 44 cm
  • Square size: 5 x 5 cm