The Queen's Gambit Official Set



Experience the essence of chess with our The Queen’s Gambit Official Set, which includes both the board and pieces from the award-winning Queen’s Gambit series. Every detail of this set has been carefully designed to offer a unique experience in every game. The board is a work of art in itself, made with high quality wood and exceptional finish. The equally meticulous pieces are lead weighted at the base for unparalleled stability. Also, an extra queen is included to face the biggest challenges. Everything is presented in a luxurious double case with magnetic closure, adding a touch of distinction to your games. Immerse yourself in the world of chess in style and elegance with this exceptional set.


  • Dark square: Black Tulipie
  • Light square: Root pr
  • Frame: Black Tulipie
  • Finish: Matte
  • Frame size: 50 mm
  • Board dimensions: 500×500 mm
  • Board height: 13 mm


  • Wood light pieces: Boxwood
  • Wood dark pieces: Boxwood
Piece Height (mm/in) Base diameter (mm/in)
King 97/3,83 39/1,55
Queen 85/3,36 38/1,50
Bishop 77/3,01 34/1,35
Knight 62/2,45 34/1,35
Rook 54/2,10 34/1,35
Pawn 46/1,80 31/1,24

Made in Spain