Leather Fiberboard (signed by Carlsen and Caruana)

Leather Fiberboard (signed by Carlsen and Caruana)


The official World Chess Championship leather boards, signed by both participants of the 2018 Championship Match, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana.

Leather fiberboard chess board designed by Pentagram and produced in England, adds color to chess! This is an effort by Pentagram’s Daniel Weil to make chess accessories hip. A selection of finishes allows you to choose a color of the board that fits your apartment and color preference — a rare option for a chess set.

This board is FIDE-approved.

Details and Care information

The board has been handmade from leather fibers with the backing sealed in color. The playing side has been kept natural in texture which will acquire a patina with frequent use. The best way to care for your leather fiber board, is to use it!

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