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A world of chess at your fingertips 
Join the FIDE Online Arena and get a world of chess at your fingertips! (
Play for the official FIDE online rating recognized by FIDE and verified on the Algorand blockchain. Start your PRO chess journey with the FIDE Online Arena rating. To earn an online title, all you need to do is play great chess online. Once your FOA rating crosses 1700, you will receive the FIDE Arena International Master title with a certificate.

Enjoy exclusive access to monthly interactive Masterclasses with Grandmasters. Engage with and learn from these renowned masters, discussing strategies and insights to elevate your game. 

Solve unlimited chess puzzles to sharpen your skills.

Participate in two types of tournaments: FIDE Online Arena rated tournaments for PRO members only and World Chess rated tournaments. Win prizes and improve your game.

Customize your board by changing colors to suit your mood.
Our global chess community awaits you.
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