World Chess Club Berlin Unveils Football Fan Zone: Where Strategy Meets Sport

Jul 07, 2024Ilya Merenzon
World Chess Club Berlin Unveils Football Fan Zone: Where Strategy Meets Sport

World Chess Club Berlin, the city's modern chess hub, is excited to introduce its latest initiative – the Football Fan Zone. This new space seamlessly combines the strategic intrigue of chess with the excitement of live football, creating a unique environment for fans to enjoy both activities.  


Located in Berlin’s cultural heart, World Chess Club Berlin is known for redefining chess with a contemporary twist. The Football Fan Zone is an extension of this vision, offering a dynamic venue where football enthusiasts and chess aficionados can come together.  


“Our goal with the Football Fan Zone is to blend the worlds of football and chess in a way that’s engaging and accessible,” said Ilya Merenzon, CEO of World Chess. “This space is designed for those who appreciate both the tactical nature of chess and the thrilling moments of live football.”  


Key Features of the Football Fan Zone:  


Live Broadcasts: Watch live football matches on high-definition screens, ensuring you catch every critical moment.


Chess Lounges: Enjoy casual chess play or join mini-tournaments in comfortable, stylish seating areas.


Special Events: Participate in events featuring chess grandmasters and football personalities, live analysis sessions, and more.


Gourmet Refreshments: Indulge in a variety of food and drinks tailored to enhance your viewing and playing experience.


    The Football Fan Zone not only enriches our offerings but also aligns with World Chess’s mission to broaden the appeal of chess globally. By integrating popular sports with chess, we aim to attract a diverse audience and create a vibrant community space.  


    For more information about the Football Fan Zone and upcoming events, visit World Chess Club Berlin.  


    World Chess  is a global leader in organizing and promoting chess events. Listed on the London Stock Exchange (CHSS), World Chess aims to make chess a contemporary, engaging sport. Through innovative technology, media partnerships, and unique event formats, we strive to create an unparalleled experience for chess fans around the world.  


    World Chess Club Berlin is a cutting-edge venue for chess lovers in Berlin. Situated in the city’s vibrant core, the club hosts a variety of activities, from tournaments to casual chess sessions and special events. Our mission is to make chess an enjoyable and accessible pastime for everyone.

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