Welcome to World Chess Store! We offer a selection of items for both chess enthusiasts and collectors as well as those looking for unique gift ideas.

Our Chess Sets are unique. Designed by Pentagram, they are the only chess sets in the world approved by FIDE, the World Chess Federation, for use in the World Chess Championship matches and have been exclusively used in the Matches since 2013. They are hand-carved and polished. They are produced in limited quantity for the cycle and available only through World Chess.

Range of boards includes premium leather boards aimed to last many generations as well as inexpensive paper boards that have been designed by Pentagram and produced in England to reflect the modern aesthetic of chess. All of our products are easy to store in an apartment, in line with our believe that in order to regain space in people’ homes, the new chess has to be well-designed and fit modern apartments.

Each major event that we organize (World Chess is the exclusive organizer of the World Chess Championship matches and cycle events) also gets a limited-edition range of merchandise with that event’s key visual. Each collection is available at the event’s gift shop as well as online. When the line is sold out, it will never be reproduced and will become a collector’s item.

We welcome feedback. You can reach us at shop@worldchess.com.